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Cover of Blood Dream (Blood Grace 3.5)

Blood Dream

A Blood Grace Novelette

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The nightmare is over, but can they live their dream come true?

The Tenebran embassy has just set sail, leaving Cassia in Orthros. Free from human politics at last, she's ready to celebrate with Lio and her immortal family. She didn't plan on feeling uneasy in the safety of her new home.

Lio wants the start of their life together to be everything Cassia has dreamed of. But something is wrong, and she's trying to hide it. Now there's nothing to keep them apart, but she's pulling away from him.

They've defeated necromancers, war mages and the tyrant king so they can be together. Can they win against the personal specters that threaten their happily ever after?

Blood Dream is a touching and steamy bonus novelette in the Blood Grace series. Enjoy a taste of life in Orthros in this side story set after the events of Blood Sanctuary.

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