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Cover of Blood Mercy (Blood Grace Book I)

Blood Mercy

Book I

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Only the darkness can save you from the light.

Cassia’s life is a secret war for survival. Her father rules Tenebra and her fate with the sanction of the mages and the favor of the gods. His plots have cost her everything but her life, and she will do anything for her next breath. She cannot trust anyone. She cannot afford a single mistake. Because she knows outmaneuvering the king is even more dangerous than submitting to his will.

Lio has devoted his life to peace. He is grateful to be an immortal Hesperine who thrives on living blood, rather than a human who slaughters to survive. As a diplomat in the first Hesperine embassy to Tenebra in centuries, Lio seeks to renew the ancient truce that once prevented conflict between his nocturnal people and the sun-worshiping mortals. But the Tenebrans’ hatred runs deep, and Lio fears any agreement with their warrior king will come at a dreadful cost.

Cassia is not afraid of Hesperines. In defiance of the monster on the throne, she will form a covert alliance with Lio. But she finds in the kind, honorable Hesperine the promise of far more than an ally. Cassia must find the courage to take her destiny into her own hands if she is to stop surviving and discover what it means to live. Lio must do the impossible—win her trust—if he is to tempt her to take the greatest risk of all: love. And if they dare imagine a brighter future for their peoples and themselves, will the king’s most dangerous move yet destroy it all?

Blood Mercy is 200,000+ words of epic fantasy lore and sensual paranormal romance featuring both worldbuilding and pleasure building. Legends will tell of ancient queens, and a rebellious human will enjoy explicit, consensual intimacy with a fanged heretic. Bring an enthusiasm for complicated names, political intrigue, and love bites.