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Cover of Blood Mercy (Blood Grace Book I)

Blood Mercy

Book I

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One determined human. One honorable immortal. Can their secret alliance save their world, or will their forbidden love be a death sentence?

Cassia needs to know the truth about her past, and the only one who can tell her is a Hesperine—a fanged, immortal creature of the night. His magic could end her mortal life in a heartbeat. But she isn't afraid of him. She knows the real monster is the human king, her father. If he finds out she’s consorting with the enemy, he’ll send her to the executioner.

Lio must do the impossible as a Hesperine ambassador: negotiate with mortals who hate him. Cassia is different. She's his hope of stopping the humans from hunting down his people. But politics aren't why she captivates him. The temptation of her blood puts his diplomacy to the ultimate test. If he takes even a taste of the king's daughter, he'll provoke the war he's trying to prevent.

Cassia never expects Lio to earn her trust and awaken her desires. Their truce deepens into a bond so powerful, it could make them rebel against their lives of duty and shatter the iron rules of the Hesperine and human worlds. With her strategies and his sorcery, can they defeat the past and win a peaceful future? If they dare to take the greatest risk of all—love—will they survive the king's deadliest plot?

Blood Mercy is the enthralling first novel in the Blood Grace series. This steamy vampire romance set in an epic fantasy world has the passion romance fans crave and the worldbuilding to satisfy fantasy readers. If you like hot paranormal heroes, strong heroines, and magical lands that feel real, you'll love Vela Roth's reimagining of vampire lore and fated mates.

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