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Cover of Blood Sanctuary (Blood Grace Book III)

Blood Sanctuary

Book III

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No matter what you have suffered, you are strong enough to break free.

Cassia has finally reunited with her immortal lover Lio in Orthros, land of eternal night, and she wants to stay. Forever. But as long as the threat of persecution hangs over his people, the Hesperines, she cannot abandon her political position in the mortal kingdom of Tenebra. She and Lio must convince the Tenebran embassy to overcome centuries of fear and hatred of Hesperines and form an alliance with Orthros.

Lio will do everything in his power to free Cassia from the human world and convince her to remain at his side for all time. Although his life depends on her blood, he will not reveal to her that she is his Grace until she chooses their love for herself. As the risks she takes for his people put her in even greater danger, he must push his magic to new limits. As politics threaten to drive them apart once and for all, he must decide: will he reveal the truth and fight for their love, or will he lay down his life for peace?

It is only a matter of time before the mages of Cordium, conspiring within the embassy, will sabotage the negotiations. A threat unlike any the Hesperines have ever faced is rising at the very heart of Orthros. Lio and Cassia cannot afford to lose a single ally. Above all, they cannot afford to lose each other.

Blood Sanctuary is 275,000+ words of epic fantasy lore and passionate paranormal romance featuring both worldbuilding and pleasure building. Legendary, ancient evil will cause lots of trouble, but a defiant mortal will still manage to enjoy explicit, consensual intimacy with her fanged, fated mate. Bring an enthusiasm for complicated names, political intrigue, and love bites.