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Cover of Blood Solace (Blood Grace Book II)

Blood Solace

Book II

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He'll die without her blood. But countless people will die if he claims her. Can she save him without starting a war between immortals and humans?

Lio is out of time. He must reunite with his mortal beloved Cassia before his Craving for her blood ends his eternal life. But they're trapped on opposite sides of the border between immortal and human lands. To get her to safety, he must take a risk that could put all his fellow Hesperines at the mortals' mercy.

Cassia has made herself the human king's worst enemy, sabotaging her father's every move. But he'll stop at nothing to make war on the Hesperines. She can't keep Lio's people safe much longer. To protect the Hesperine she loves, she must take matters into her own hands as never before, even if it means sacrificing herself.

Can Lio and Cassia restore their broken alliance and their broken hearts? If they save Hesperines and humans from the devastation of magical war, can they still save each other?

Blood Solace is the second novel in the addictive Blood Grace series, which blends steamy paranormal romance and epic fantasy worldbuilding. The intense love story of Cassia and her vampire fated mate Lio continues to capture the hearts and imaginations of fantasy romance fans.

Read Blood Solace now and find out how Lio and Cassia get back together!