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Cover of Blood Solace (Blood Grace Book II)

Blood Solace

Book II

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Sometimes rebellion leads us home.

Lio is out of time. He must reunite with Cassia, his beloved Grace, before his Craving for her blood becomes fatal to him. But the Queens of the Hesperines have closed the border between Orthros and Tenebra with their magic, and he and Cassia are trapped on opposites sides. He must make his own way back to her. He, Orthros’s youngest ambassador, must move his fellow immortal Hesperines from their ancient, unchanging course.

Cassia has made herself the King of Tenebra’s worst enemy. Her father has no idea it is she who secretly sabotages his every attempt at alliance with the Mage Orders of Cordium. But the king and the mages will stop at nothing to make war upon the Hesperines, and Cassia’s own clandestine war can only secure peace for Lio’s people for so long. To truly protect the Hesperine she loves and his kind, she is prepared to take matters into her own hands as never before and make the greatest sacrifice of all.

When a new threat from Cordium descends upon Tenebra, Lio knows Cassia’s life is in as much danger as his own. Can they work together once more across the distance between them? Can they resurrect their broken partnership, which once proved both their peoples’ salvation? And if they rescue Orthros and Tenebra, can they still rescue each other?

Blood Solace is 180,000+ words of epic fantasy lore and sensual paranormal romance featuring both worldbuilding and pleasure building. Ancient queens rule as living legends, and a rebellious diplomat enjoys explicit, consensual intimacy with a notorious traitor. Bring an enthusiasm for complicated names, political intrigue, and love bites.