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The Equinox Oath

This ancient treaty once kept the peace between the Hesperines of Orthros and the humans of Tenebra.

Hesperines shall have the right to children who have been exposed, abandoned, or orphaned without anyone to take them in.

Hesperines shall have the right to the dying whose own kind give them no succor and to the dead whose kin and comrades fail to collect their remains.

Hesperines shall be permitted to exercise any power on convicted criminals or miscreants acting in clear violation of the law to the detriment of honest people.

Hesperines shall not take to them children who are still under the care of their elders, regardless of the elders’ treatment of the children.

Hesperines shall not disturb the dying who await mortal aid or the dead whose kin or comrades are coming to claim them.

Hesperines shall not set foot in temples, orphanages, or places of burial.

Hesperines shall not, under any circumstances, intervene in conflicts between the Mage Orders, the Council of Free Lords, the King of Tenebra or his enemies, or in any way attempt to influence worship or politics in Tenebra.

So long as Hesperines hold to these terms, they may traverse all lands under the rule of the King of Tenebra without fear of persecution. Should they in any way violate this Oath, then they forfeit the king’s protection from mages, warriors and any subjects of Tenebra seeking to exact justice.

Finally, each King of Tenebra, upon his accession to the throne, is to reconvene the Summit and reaffirm this Oath with the appointed representatives of the Queens of Orthros.