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The Meaning of Hespera's Rose

Hespera's Rose is a beloved symbol that teaches Hesperine beliefs.

The Thorns

Hesperines' most sacred duties to which the Goddess calls them

Show Mercy to those who suffer,
give Solace to the lost,
guard the sanctity of each person’s Will,
strive to live in Union with all,
offer the Gift to any.

The Petals

Hespera's greatest blessings

Ritual, through which Hespera first gave us the Gift.
The Gift, through which we overcome death.
The Drink, through which we can thrive without the death of others.
Sanctuary, the Goddess’s realm, where we go if death does find us, and which we strive to realize in the world.
Grace, through which we experience abundance.

The Center

Hespera herself, who binds us together, and from whom everything grows.