Blood Grace FAQ

When is the next book coming out?

As soon as I can share release dates, I announce them to my mailing list right away! The best way to find out about the next book is to subscribe to Diplomatic Dispatches.

How many books will be in the series?

The series will be complete at eight books (not including the prequel). I've been planning all eight books since I was still writing the first one. I've built toward future plot twists in each novel. I promise no filler and no dragging the series on without reason. Every book will take the plot, the world, the characters and especially Lio and Cassia's relationship to new levels!

But I hate suspense! Should I wait until all eight books are out to start the series?

I think you'll enjoy starting the series right away, now that the first three books are all available and binge readable. The end of Book III should bring happiness to the absolute most heartfelt cliffhanger-haters among us (I sympathize 100%).

What's different about the second editions?

Blood Grace is the same epic series with a fresh look, including all-new cover art. The interior formatting has also been upgraded with custom fonts (headings only, if supported by your device), decorative elements and small cap-style drop caps. In addition, I've made corrections to typos and other small errors, as well as fully updated the front and back matter. This is not a rewrite, though. The story hasn't changed.