Cover of Blood Ruse: A Blood Errant Adventure

Blood Ruse

A Blood Errant Adventure

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The most effective illusion is the one that is true.

Beloved heroes. Reviled heretics. To their fellow immortal Hesperines, they are the greatest warriors to show their fangs in mortal lands. To the humans they strive to protect, they are the most notorious monsters of the night. They are the Blood Errant. Take a journey into their past, joining Apollon, Nike, Ioustin and Methu on their adventures in battle and misadventures in love.

The Blood Errant have once again left their peaceful homeland to do good deeds for humankind in the unstable kingdom of the Tenebrae. When they learn that bandits are threatening Bonata’s Inn, they vow to save the woman’s business, a safe haven for vulnerable girls.

The aid of feared, infamous heretics is seldom welcome, so in a daring ruse, they disguise themselves as humans guests. They soon realize the bandits have magic that can challenge even ancient and powerful Hesperines. The only danger greater than their enemies is what will happen if their friends see through their ruse.

Blood Ruse is a 70,000+ word romantic adventure fantasy. Villains’ heads will roll, and some lucky humans will experience our heroes’ prowess off the battlefield (behind closed doors).